The braces are painless, light-weight and flexible. They don’t affect the jaw or the tongue movement. They are also tasteless; expect zero irritation. aligners are made with digital printers. From industrial-grade machines, this gives us consistent and precise molds. We use CE approved and FDA approved sheets that conform to international dental tests.


We have a handpicked team of the finest implant dentists. They have received advanced training in the art of a smile makeover from all over the world like UK, USA and Germany, and are completely committed and immersed in this art form. Unlike conventional dentists, this is an elite team, masters of the trade, whose entire focus and dedication revolves only about refining the art of the magic of a smile makeover.


The technology and the materials we use are in crown and bridges are impeccable. Whether it is the finest grade ceramic from Germany or a software precision manufactured veneer, we have it all. An absolute world-class infrastructure to compliment the finest minds.


Clinic Eximus is the most trusted dental clinic in East Delhi, Delhi. It is trusted for its world class Dental Braces, Dental Implants, Invisible Braces & other Dental procedures. Our comprehensive services aim at enhancing the lives of the whole family.
  1. More than 40 years of experience amongst the team.
  2. Internationally Trained Doctors.
  3. We use advanced and Latest technology for Best results.
  4. We Constantly upgrade our knowledge and facilities to ensure World class results for our patients.
  5. We follow Internationally approved guidelines of standards of Sterilization & Hygiene for your Safety.
  6. Proper Care & Comfort is our Priority
  7. Experienced and friendly Team.
  8. Ethical Practice.
  9. Disable Friendly Premises.